Cairo Time

Drame, Romance
Temps d'exécution:
88 min
Anglais, Arabe
Patrica Clarkson, Alexander Saddiq
Rubba Nadda
Rubba Nadda
Résumé de l'intrigue

Au Caire, alors qu’elle attend son mari, Juliette tombe brusquement amoureuse de son ami Tareq, un policier à la retraite…

Critiques internationales

“Just when you think you know what’s coming, the canny writer-director Ruba Nadda (Sabah) makes sure you won’t. Nadda lets the sensuous tempos of Cairo life seep into Juliette’s system, and ours. It’s a haunting and hypnotic film. And Clarkson’s sublimely nuanced performance is in every way transporting.”
-Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone – Cairo Time

Prix et Festivals

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2009
*Best Canadian Feature Film

Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea, October 2009

Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Qatar, October 2009

India International Film Festival, November 2009

Dublin International Film Festival, Ireland, February 2010

Shanghai International Film Festival, China, June 2010

Munich International Film Festival, Germany, June 2010

Ischia Global Film & Music Festival, Italy, July 2010

Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland, September 2010

Norrkoping International Film Festival, Sweden, October 2010

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan, November 2010

Casa Arabe, Spain, October 2011

Inverness Film Festival, UK, November 2011