West of Pluto

Comedy, Drama
Run Times:
95 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Alexis Drolet, David Bouchard, Anne-Sophie Lamontagne, Yoann Linteau, Sandra Jacques, Denis Marchand
Henry Bernadet and Myriam Verreault
Henry Bernadet, Myriam Verreault
Plot Summary

The day-to-day lives of a dozen teens living in the suburbs, told over a 24-hour period. In this web of stories that mixes humor and drama, each character confronts the perceptions they have of one another; more importantly, they confront themselves.


Rotterdam Film Festival, Netherlands, January 2009
*Winner: Opening Tiger Competition Award

Bermuda International Film Festival, March 2009
*Winner: Special Jury Prize – Narrative Feature Category

New York Children’s Film Festival, USA, March 2009

Buenos Aires Independent International Film Festival, Argentina, March 2009

Seattle International Film Festival, USA, May 2009

Film Festival Zlin, Czech Republic, May 2009

Connecticut Film Festival, USA, June 2009

Los Angeles Film Festival, USA, June 2009

Munich Film Festival, Germany, June 2009
*Nominated: CineVision Prize

Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland, July 2009

Durban International Film Festival, South Africa, July 2009

Troia International Film Festival, Portugal, September 2009

Buster–Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children & Youth, Denmark, September 2009

Abycine Film Festival, Spain, September 2009

Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland, September 2009

Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium, October 2009

Namur Francophone International Film Festival, October 2009

Al-Kasaba International Film Festival, Palestine, October 2009

Mumbai Film Festival, India, October 2009

Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, October 2009

Torino Film Festival, Italy, November 2009

Leeds International Film Festival, UK, November 2009

Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovakia, November 2009

Exground Film Festival, Germany, November 2009

Around the World in 14 Days, Germany, November 2009

Annonay International Film Festival, France, January 2010
*Winner: Best Music and Special Prize

International Film Festival for Young People, France, February 2010

Vittorio Veneto Film Festival, Italy, February 2010

Vladivostok International Film Festival, Russia, September 2010