Victoria Day

Run Times:
87 min
Mark Rendall, Sergiy Kotelenets, Nataliya Alyexeyenko, Holly Deveaux, John Mavro, Scott Beaudin, Melanie Leishman, Jeff Pustil, Mitchel Amaral
David Bezmozgis
David Bezmozgis
Plot Summary

A Bob Dylan Concert in Toronto, 1988. Seventeen year old Ben Spektor lends money to a rival to buy drugs but the boy disappears. In the week that follows, Ben has to overcome his guilt and contend with the chaos of teenage life, the expectations of his Russian immigrant parents, and his desire for the missing boy’s younger sister.

Festivals and Awards

Sundance Film Festival, USA, January 2009

Shanghai International Film Festival, China, June 2009

Moscow International Film Festival, Russia, June 2009

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA, July 2009

Athens International Film Festival, Greece, September 2009

Seoul International Family Film Festival, South Korea, October 2009

Hamptons International Film Festival, USA, October 2009

International Film Festival EntreVeus, France, November 2009

Cork Film Festival, Ireland, November 2009

Bradford International Film Festival, UK, March 2010

Northwest Film Centre – Jewish Film Series, USA, April 2010