Run Times:
73 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Céline Bonnier, Roy Dupuis, Pierre Lebeau, Danielle Proulx, Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Michele Richard, Claude Lemieux, Jean Lapointe
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen
Plot Summary

In a working class neighborhood of Montreal, tons of truffles have mysteriously appeared underneath hundreds of backyards in the area.  For years now, the people of the neighborhood have been exploiting these truffle mines, and it gets to a point where all around the world, truffles are now worthless: there are just too many of them.  Even with their gigantic truffle mine lying beneath their Snack Bar, Alice and Charles are also struggling to make ends meet.  Desperate for cash, Charles finds a part-time job to help pay the rent, but it turns out this new job is not exactly what it seems to be.  In fact, since getting his new job, Alice wonders if Charles is perhaps not exactly the man he seems to be…

Truffles is a surreal comedy about a society obsessed with consuming, and a reflexion on our sometimes strange, conformist lives.

Festivals and Awards

Cinequest, USA, February 2009

Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, Netherlands, April 2009

Munich Film Festival, Germany, June 2009

Fresh Film Festival, Czech Republic, August 2009
*Winner: Fresh Generation Competition

Fantastic Film Festival, USA, September 2009

Starz Denver Film Festival, USA, November 2009

Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival, Switzerland, July 2010