Little Girl Who Was Too Fond Of Matches, The

Run Times:
111 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Marine Jonhson, Antoine l’Écuyer, Jean-François Casabonne, Alex Godbout, Laurie Babin-Fortin
Simon Lavoie
Plot Summary

Raised alone by their authoritarian father in a state of religious conservativism, two siblings without names grow up largely ignorant of the world outside their father’s estate. One morning, they find him dead – hanging from a rafter – and must confront their surroundings in order to unravel the mystery of their strange existence.

Festivals and Awards

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2017
*Winner: Honourable mention for best Canadian feature film

Festival du nouveau cinéma in Montreal, Canada, October 2017

Los Cabos International Film Festival, Mexico, November 2017

TIFF Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival, Canada, January 2018

Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden, January 2018