Salesman, The

Run Times:
107 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Gilbert Sicotte, Nathalie Cavezzali, Jeremy Tessier, Jean-Francois Boudreau
Sébastien Pilote
Sébastien Pilote
Plot Summary

Marcel Lévesque, a savvy, quick-witted car salesman nearing retirement, lives for just three things: his work, his daughter, and his grandson. He has been salesman of the month for years at the dealership where he has spent his whole career, in a fading one-industry town. One endless winter, while the pulp and paper mill lays off more workers, Marcel has only one thing on his mind: getting his beloved American cars off the snowy lot. One day he sells a brand new truck to François Paradis, a laid-off worker from the mill, leading to repercussions Marcel never imagined, in this film about alienation, humanity, religion and the art of selling cars.

Festivals and Awards

Sundance Film Festival, USA, January 2011

San Francisco International Film Festival, USA, April 2011

Boston Independent Film Festival, USA, May 2011

Los Angeles Film Festival, USA, June 2011

Maine International Film Festival, USA, July 2011

Possible Worlds Sydney Canadian Film Festival, Australia, August 2011

Monterrey Film Festival, Mexico, August 2011

National Cinematheque, Mexico, September 2011

Quebec @ Hollywood, USA, September 2011

Bar Harbor Film Festival, USA, September 2011

Modern Cinema at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, September 2011

Festival do Rio, Brazil, October 2011

Mumbai International Film Festival, India, October 2011
*Jury Grand Prize, International Competition
*Best Actor – Gilbert Sicotte

Vermont International Film Festival, USA, October 2011

Starz Denver International Film Festival, USA, November 2011

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece, November 2011

International Film Festival Mannheim Heidelberg, Germany, November 2011
*Special Award of the International Jury
*The International Film Critic’s Prize

Cinema du Quebec a Paris, France, November 2011

Torino International Film Festival, Italy, November 2011
*CIPPUTI AWARD – Best Film About Working World

Semaine du Cinema Francophone, Germany, December 2011

International Film Festival Kerala, India, December 2011

Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, January 2012

French Film Festival, USA, February 2012

Journées du film francophone, Hungary, February 2012

Belgrade International Film Festival, Serbia, February 2012

Miami International Film Festival, USA, March 2012

Les journées du film francophone, Romania, March 2012

Journees de la Francophonie, Czech Republic, March 2012

Festival Intl du Film d’Aubagne, France, March 2012

Kosmorama Trondheim Intl Film Festival, Norway, March 2012

Festival du film francophone, Greece, March 2012

Rome French Institute, Italy, March 2012

Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey, March 2012

Les journées du film francophone, Slovakia, April 2012

Wisconsin Film Festival, USA, April 2012

Maison du Québec à St-Malo, France, May 2012

Valencia Int’l Film Festival Cinema Jove, Spain, June 2012
*LUNA DE VALENCIA – Best Feature Film

Festival de La Rochelle, France, June 2012

Ars Independent International Film Festival, Poland, September 2012
*DARK HORSE AWARD: Main Competition

Raindance Film Festival, UK, September 2012

Cinema Le Pantheon a Paris, France, October 2012

French Cinema Now, USA, October 2012

Utah Film Centre, USA, October 2012

Ciné Tapis Rouge, Romania, November 2012

Französische Filmtage – French Cinema Week, Germany, November 2012

International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, Cuba, December 2012

Human Rights Film Festival Zagreb, Croatia, December 2012