My Daughter My Angel

Drama, Thriller
Run Times:
86 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Michel Côté, Karine Vanasse, Laurence Leboeuf, Dominique Leduc, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Serge Houde, Nicolas Canuel, Christian Bégin
Alexis Durand-Brault
Pierre Szalowski
Plot Summary

In Montreal, the police discover a young man’s body in an apartment filled with computer equipment. Much to their surprise, they also discover an extensive collection of videos featuring his sexual activities with various young women. In Quebec, Germain Dagenais (Michel Côté), a former lawyer and now an expert political advisor, has been married to Jeanne for the last 30 years. Their daughter and only child Nathalie (Karine Vanasse), has reluctantly left to study law in Montreal. Once there, she quickly discovers its wild nightlife and gets caught in the trap of an “adult entertainment” entrepreneur. One night, without his wife’s knowledge, Germain surfs porn sites on the Internet and discovers the unthinkable! Nathalie, his own daughter, will star in a XXX performance in 4 days. This is every parent’s worst nightmare. Consumed by guilt, Germain leaves for Montreal to stop his daughter, his angel, from making the worst possible mistake. The day of the shoot, the porn actor who was supposed to help Nathalie make her début in the business is found dead. Who killed him? Did Nathalie change her mind at the last minute? Did Germain finish what he set out to do? The truth is often stranger than fiction.