Mirage, Le

Comedy, Drama
Run Times:
102 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Louis Morissette, Julie Perreault, Christine Beaulieu, Patrice Robitaille
Ricardo Trogi
Louis Morissette with the collaboration of François Avard
Plot Summary

Patrick is in his late 30’s and seems to have it all – he has a business and a beautiful home with a lovely wife, two children, a large car in the garage, a saltwater pool in the garden, friends he can share it all with and a credit card he uses with bravado.  But it is all a mirage.  In truth, no one shops at his sports store, his children don’t want to go to their soccer practise but he forces them to go anyway, he is the last thing on his wife’s mind, the only thing that his friends talk about is money and he is about to go bankrupt.  With such discontent, the only thing he is enthusiastic about these days is internet porn and fantasizing about this wife’s best friend – but he can’t even do that right.

An intelligent and laugh-out-loud commentary on today’s lifestyle of excess, LE MIRAGE, a box-office hit in Quebec, is a poignant tragicomedy about the search for real happiness.


“If you haven’t seen LE MIRAGE yet, run for it!
– Richard Martineau, Le Journal de Montréal 

Festival and Awards

Filmfest Hamburg, Germany, September 2015