Everything is Fine

Run Times:
118 min
Maxime Dumontier, Chloé Bourgeois, Maxime Bessette
Yves Christian Fournier
Yves Christian Fournier, Guillaume Vigneault
Plot Summary

Josh is an ordinary teen living in an ordinary suburb, wedged between the high school, the mine and the skate park. One morning, he finds his friend Thomas’s dead body. Next, he discovers that three more friends also killed themselves, leaving him out of their pact. As the sole survivor, Josh becomes more and more detached from the world around him. Only Mia, his best friend’s girl, can reach him. With more questions than answers, Josh’s is the story of a survivor. It is a modern portrait of today’s teens: invincible yet fragile, clear-thinking yet confused, idealistic yet jaded.

Festivals and Awards

Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 7-17 Février 2008

Seattle International Film Festival, USA, 22-27 Mai 2008
*Winner : New Director’s Showcase Award

Taipei International Film Festival, Taiwan, 20 Juin au 7 Juillet 2008

Giffoni Film Festival, Italy, 18-27 Juillet 2008
*Winner: ARCA Enel Award, Youth Cinema

Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 25 Juillet au 11 Aout 2008

Monterey International Film Festival, Monterrey, Mexico, 15-24 Aout 2008

Festival d’Angoulême, France, 27 Aout au 24 Septembre 2008, Prix: Best Actor Maxime Dumontier

Chungmuro Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea, 3-12 Septembre 2008

BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival, Denmark, 19-27 Septembre 2008

Festival du Film Francophone de Namur, Belgium, 26 Septembre au 4 Octobre 2008
*Winner: Best Script

Mill Valley Film Festival, USA, 2-13 Octobre 2008

Viennale International Film Festival, Austria, 17-30 Octobre 2008

Pamplona Film Festival, Italy, 6-12 Novembre 2008

Denver International Film Festival, USA, 13-24 Novembre 2008

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece, 14-24 Novembre 2008

Cinéma du Quebec à Paris, France, 27 Novembre au 3 Decembre 2008

Ale Kino, Poland, 12-21 Decembre 2008

Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, 23 Janvier au 2 Février 2009

International Film Festival in Trondheim, Norway, 5-10 Mars 2009

BUFF Film Festival, Sweden, 10-14 Mars 2009

Festival du Film Francophone, Athens, Greece, 2-15 Avril 2009

Wild Cinema Windhoek International Film Festival, Namibia, 17-26 Avril 2009