Cruel & Unusual

Supernatural, Thriller
Run Times:
91 min
Andy Thompson, Kyle Cassie, Richard Harmon, Monsour Cataquiz Bernadette Saquibal, Michelle Harrison , David Richmond Peck, Michael Eklund
Merlin Dervisevic
Merlin Dervisevic
Plot Summary

In this supernatural puzzle-film, a man condemned for killing his wife arrives in a bizarre version of hell, sentenced to relive her death for eternity or until enlightenment – whichever comes first. After it becomes clear that his truth is not the only one, he commits to a risk-filled plan to set things right.

Festivals and Awards

Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival, Taiwan, April 2014

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium, April 2014

NOCTURNA Int’l Fantastic Film Festival of Madrid, Spain, May 2014
*Winner – Dark Visions Best Film

Shanghai International Film Festival, China, June 2014

Fancine, the Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga, Spain, November 2014
*Winner – Best Picture
*Winner – Best Actor, David Richmond-Peck
*Winner – Best Screenplay
*Winner – Audience Jury, Best Picture