City of Shadows

Action & Adventure
Run Times:
84 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Jean-Marc Barr, Sabine Karsenti, Claude Legault, Pierre Lebeau, Vincent Winterhalter, Frabcois Nadin, Lofti Abdelli, Arbi Bibi, Lofti Dziri
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen
Plot Summary

In a lost colony, near the Sahara, where a war has just ended, the doctor Max Orswell returns from the front, broken by eight years of service. He is waiting for the boat that will finally bring him home. The days pass, the caravan does not come. Things capsize. A corpse appears in the street. Another. Max must face the terrible facts: the horror is back.

Festivals and Awards

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, February 2010

Munich International Film Festival, Germany, June 2010

Canberra International Film Festival, Australia, November 2010

Ostrava Kamera Oko, Czech Republic, September 2011