Run Times:
87 min
Narrated by Alicia Vikander
Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky
Jennifer Baichwal
Plot Summary

20 countries, 47 locations, 6 continents. The third in a trilogy that includes
Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013)

From concrete seawalls in China that now cover 60% of the mainland coast to the biggest terrestrial machines ever built in Germany; from psychedelic potash mines in Russia’s Ural Mountains to conservation sanctuaries in Kenya and surreal lithium evaporation ponds in Chile’s Atacama desert, the filmmakers have traversed the globe to document the evidence and experience of human planetary domination.

Festivals and Awards

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2018

Sundance Film Festival, USA, January 2019

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, January 2019

Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, February 2019

Boulder International Film Festival, USA March 2019

Cleveland International Film Festival, USA, March 2019

DC Environmental Film Festival, USA, March 2019

Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, March 2019

Luxembourg City Film Festival, Luxembourg, March 2019

Movies That Matter Festival, Netherlands, March 2019

Portland International Film Festival, USA, March 2019

Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania, March 2019

Docville, Belgium, March 2019

Chicago Documentary Film Festival, USA, April 2019

D’A Film Fstival Barcelona, Spain, April 2019

Ecrans du Réel, Lebanon, April 2019

Architecture + Design Film Festival, New Zealand, May 2019

Dok Fest Munich, Germany, May 2019

Rizoma Film Festival, Spain, May 2019

Festival Internacional de Cine Medioambiental de Canarias, May 2019

Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival, June 2019

Oslo Pix, June 2019

Lisbon Architecture Film Festival, June 2019

Sydney Film Festival, June 2019

Sheffield Film Festival, June 2019

Doc Fest Ireland, June 2019