Theater of Life

Run Times:
93 min
Massimo Bottura, Ferran Adrià, Alain Ducasse, Mario Batali, Alex Atala, Yoshihiro Narisawa, René Redzepi, Juan Roca
Peter Svatek
Peter Svatek
Plot Summary

Massimo Bottura, one of the world’s greatest chefs, runs a soup kitchen, like no other before it, during Milan’s 2015 World’s Fair. All meals are made from the food wastage of Expo Milan’s pavilions. 60 of the most famous chefs in the world join Massimo in preparing them. The soup kitchen is housed in an abandoned theater converted to a Refectory and decorated with stunning art by Italy’s greatest artists. The film is about the extraordinary encounter at the Refectory between the hungry – refugees, the homeless – and these great chefs. We learn the heartrending story of a few of the hungry, and discover what this extraordinary experience brings to them and the haute cuisine chefs who serve them. A film filled with surprise, profound emotion, beauty, and joy.

Festivals and Awards

San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain, September 2016
*Winner – Tokyo Gohan Award

Mill Valley Film Festival, USA, October 2016

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, October 2016

Flatirons Food Film Festival, USA, October 2016

Festival do Rio, Brazil, October 2016

Warsaw Film Festival, Poland, October 2016

Park City Series, USA, October 2016

19th Rendezvous Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey, December 2016

Berlin Film Festival, Germany, February 2017

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, February 2017

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece, March 2017

One World Human Rights Film Festival, Czech Republic, March 2017

Sonoma International Film Festival, USA, March 2017

San Francisco Green Film Festival, USA, April 2017