Stay with Me

Run Times:
100 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Gérard Poirier, Danielle Proulx, Vincent Bilodeau, Louis Morrissette, Maxim Roy, Julie Perreault, Alexandra Sicard, Joseph Antaki Fariba B.
Robert Ménard
Claire Wojas
Plot Summary

Life has no mercy. Sooner or later it hits you ruthlessly, right where it hurts most. A child’s heartbreak over his lost cat; the pain of discovering that the baby in the womb has a birth defect; the bottomless despair of alcoholism, loneliness, humiliation, poverty. These are the things we face when we’re least expecting them, that plunge us into turmoil when all we want is to live quiet, happy lives. STAY WITH ME tells the interconnected stories of people grappling with tragedies they did not see coming, and which they have no choice but to confront with courage, resignation, love, stubbornness or clarity.

Festivals and Awards

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, January 2011

Stony Brook Film Festival, USA, July 2011