Shine of Rainbows, A

Drama, Kids and Family
Run Times:
101 min
Connie Nielson, Aidan Quinn, John Bell
Vic Sarin
Vic Sarin, Catherine Spear, Dennis Foon
Plot Summary

Tomás, a shy eight-year-old orphan, is adopted by Maire McDonald, a beautiful woman bursting with life. She brings him home to Corrie, a remote island off the coast of Ireland where he meets Alec, her reticent husband who cannot hide his disappointment. Undiscouraged Maire shares with Tomás the secret of the seals and other wonders and shows him that you can find magic anywhere – if you really look. In this rugged and enchanting world, Tomás thrives and Alec begins to see in Tomás what Maire always has. But when tragedy strikes, Tomás is faced with his greatest challenge for he’ll lose everything unless he can find – and share – the magic that’s inside him. Risking all, Tomás embarks on a perilous journey where he will need to call on all of Maire’s gifts to triumph and come home.

Festivals and Awards

Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival, Norway, April 2009
International Film Festival for Children & Youth, Zlin, Czech Republic, May 2009
Ibiza International Film Festival, Spain, May 2009
*Winner: Audience Choice Award
Shanghai International Film Festival, China, June 2009
Munich Film Festival, Germany, June 2009
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2009
Vladivostok International Film Festival, Russia, September 2009
China International Children’s Film Festival, China, September 2009
Atlanta Film Festival, Canada, September 2009
Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland, October 2009
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada, October 2009
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA, October 2009
Heartland Film Festival, USA, October 2009
London Film Festival, UK, October 2009
International Children’s Film Festival of Cyprus, November 2009
Cinemagic Film Festival, UK, November 2009
Tallinn Black Nights ‘Just Film’ Festival, Estonia, November 2009
India International Film Festival, November 2009
International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poland, December 2009
*Special Mention: Children’s Jury
USA Film Festival, January 2010
Sedona International Film Festival, USA, February 2010
Portland International Film Festival, USA, February 2010
BAM! Kids, USA, February 2010
LA CInemagic, USA, March 2010
Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, USA, March 2010
Cleveland International Film Festival, USA, March 2010