Old Stock

Comedy, Drama
Run Times:
85 min
Noah Reid, Melanie Leishman, Meghan Heffern, Jack Daniel Wells, Corinne Conley
James Genn
Dane Clark
Plot Summary

After two years hiding out in his Grandfather’s retirement residence, young but old-at-heart Stock Burton is forced back into his small town where he must come to terms with the troubled past that led to his early retirement.

Festivals and Awards

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, January 2013
Cinequest, USA, February 2013
Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic, May 2013
Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK, June 2013
Prescott Film Festival, USA, July 2013
Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival, USA, August 2013
San Diego Film Festival, USA, October 2013
São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, October 2013
Napa Valley Film Festival, USA, November 2013
Du Grain à Démoudre Int’l French Film Festival, France, November 2013