Action & Adventure, Romance
Run Times:
100 min
Roseanne Superneault, Graham Green, Tantoo Cardinal, Uapeshkuss Thernish, Eric Schweig, Ipeille Ootava, Natar Ungalaq
Michel Poulette
Pierre Billion
Plot Summary

Set in the 18th century Canadian wilderness, a native woman travels all the way to the arctic to find a missing member of her tribe and ends up falling for a man in the enemy tribe. Based on a book by Dominique Demers.

Festivals and Awards

Shanghai Film Festival, China, June 2013
Traverse City Film Festival, USA, July 2013
Buster Copenhagen Int’l Film Festival for Children & Youth, Denmark, September 2013
Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany, September 2013
Schlingel – Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young Audience, Germany, October 2013
American Indian Film Festival, USA, November 2013
*Winner – Best Film
*Winner – Best Actress: Roseanne Superneault
*Winner – Best Supporting Actress: Tantoo Cardinal
Maple Movies Tour, Germany, November 2013
Kolkata International Film Festival, India, November 2013
Sydney Intercultural Film Festival, Australia, November 2013
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, November 2013
Cinéma du Buisson de Cadouin, France, November 2013
Indigenous World Film Festival, USA, January 2014
Indianer Inuit: Das Nordamerika Film Festival, Germany, January 2014
Native Weekend Celebration, USA, January 2014
Agua Caliente Cultural Museum – Native Filmfest, USA, March 2014
Stockholm International Film Festival Junior, Sweden, April 2014
Native Vision Film Festival, Sweden, April 2014
*Winner – Best Film
Neues kino – “First Nations in North America,” Switzerland, May 2014
Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland, July 2014
Stony Brook Film Festival, USA, July 2014
Medellin Poetry Festival, Colombia, July 2014
Int’l Film Festival @ The Business School (FEN) of the Universidad de Chile, August 2014
Wine Country Film Festival, USA, September 2014
Polar Club Film Festival, USA, November 2014
American Indian Film Institute’s Talking Stick Film Festival Inaugural Showcase, USA, January 2015
Athena Film Festival, USA, February 2015
Francophonie Film Festival, Chile, March 2015
Francophonie Film Festival, Colombia, March 2015
Francophonie Film Festival, Dominican Republic, March 2015
Francophonie Film Festival, Uruguay, March 2015
Francophonie Film Festival, Venezuela, March 2015