Run Times:
94 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Sophie Cadieux, Maxime Denommée, Benoît Gouin
Patrick Demers
Patrick Demers
Plot Summary

Thomas and Marianne, a feuding couple whose relationship has hit a wall, decide to spend a weekend at Thomas’ uncle’s lakeside cottage. This is their last chance to save their relationship, which has been jeopardized by Marianne’s meaningless flirtations and Thomas’ uncontrollable jealousy. As they arrive, a restless yet charming neighbor welcomes them into their house and, realizing that Thomas’ uncle and girlfriend will not be showing up for days, suggests they share the dinner he has prepared. The drunken night that follows – with this man, who might not be who he seems to be, pushing his charms on Marianne – leads to a weekend of blurred emotions and events, where loyalties, guilt and a shared secret will test the young couple’s ability to survive.

Festivals and Awards

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic, July 2010

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2010

Hamptons International Film Festival, USA, October 2010

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan, November 2010

Canadian Front – MoMA, USA, March 2011

Sydney’s Canadian Film Festival, Australia, August 2011

Monterrey Film Festival, Mexico, August 2011

Recontres Cinema de Gindou, France, August 2011

National Cinematheque, Mexico, September 2011

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, October 2011

Tapis Rouge – Quebec Films in Catalonia, Spain, October 2011