Idol, The

Run Times:
100 min
Arabic (w. English Subtitles)
Qais Atallah, Hiba Atallah, Ahmed Qassim, Abdelkarim Abu Baraka, Tawfeek Barhom, Ashraf Barhoum, Ali Suliman, Nadine Labaki
Hany Abu-Assad
Hany Abu-Assad, Sameh Zoabi
Plot Summary

A young boy in Gaza, Mohammad, dreams of singing in the Cairo Opera House and for the world to hear his voice. Somehow he manages to escape out of the prison that is Gaza and make it to the Cairo auditions of Arab Idol, the most popular talent show in the region. As he gets to the latter stages of the competition, he must confront his own fears to take control of his destiny and bring hope and happiness to an entire region. Mohammad, and the audience, will go on the journey of a lifetime.

An inspirational drama inspired by the incredibly true story of Mohammad Assaf, winner of ARAB IDOL™ 2013

Festivals and Awards

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2015
Busan International Film Festival, South Korea, October 2015
BFI London Film Festival, UK, October 2015
Warsaw Film Festival, Poland, October 2015
*Winner – Ecumenical Jury Award
Mumbai International Film Festival, India, October 2015
Kolkata International Film Festival, India, November 2015
Dublin Arabic Film Festival, Ireland, November 2015
Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, Australia, November 2015
Palestine Film Festival, Australia, November 2015
Torino Film Festival, Italy, November 2015
International Film Festival of India, November 2015
International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Turkey, November 2015
Ajyal Youth Film Festival, Qatar, November 2015
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE, December 2015
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE, December 2015
*Winner – People’s Choice Award
Glasgow Youth Film Festival, UK, February 2016
Stockfish Film Festival, Iceland, February 2016
Miami International Film Festival, USA, March 2016
Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival, Norway, March 2016
Human Rights Watch Film Festival, UK, March 2016
BUFF International Film Festival, Sweden, March 2016
Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, March 2016
Leeds Young Film Festival, UK, March 2016
Vilnius Film Festival, Lithuania, March 2016
Middle East Now Festival, Italy, April 2016
*Winner – Audience Award
Curacao International Film Festival, Curacao, April 2016
Solidarity Festival, Israel, April 2016
*Winner – Audience Award
Houston Palestine Film Festival, USA, May 2016
Festival Cine-Palestine, France, May 2016
Arab Film Festival, South Korea, May 2016
Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic, May 2016
*Winner – Miloš Macourek Award for Best Young Actor in Feature Film for Youth, Hiba Atallah
Festival d’Annaba du Film Méditerranéen, October 2016
*Winner – Best Screenplay
Unesco Award, Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2015