Hair of the Beast, The

Action & Adventure, Horror
Run Times:
90 min
French (w. English Subtitles)
Viviane Audet, Mirianne Brulle, Patrice Robatille, Antoine Bertrand
Philippe Gagnon
Stéphane J. Bureau, Pierre Daudelin
Plot Summary

New France, 1665. Mere hours before he’s due to be hanged, Joseph Côté, the notorious ladies’ man, escapes from his captors and takes on the identity of a Jesuit priest. With a military detachment in hot pursuit, the fake Father flees to the Seigneurie de Beaufort. The local men, eagerly awaiting the upcoming arrival of the filles du roy, welcome Côté with all the dignity due a priest. He’s fed like royalty, and learns the legend of Father Brind’amour, the werewolf hunter. And sure enough, Côté soon learns that once night falls, the quaint village of Beaufort is overrun with werewolves! Things only get worse for Côté when he falls for Marie Labotte, one of the filles du roy that nobody else seems to like…

Festivals and Awards

Cinequest, USA, March 2011

Fantasy Filmfest, Germany, August 2011